About Us

Jewel Pak International has earned our reputation as a leading and world renowned packaging manufacturer in the Far East through years of excellence.

Established in Hong Kong since 1991, we have been constantly delivering top quality packaging products at the most competitive price to customers across the five continents.

Our multiple self-owned manufacturing facilities in China and South East Asia enable Jewel Pak to deliver a monthly production capacity of 2 million units of packaging products, thanks to our state-of-art production technology and skilled workforce.

We are proud to offer 100% quality guarantee to our customers. All finish products are 100% quality checked by our experienced team before delivery.

We continuously invest in innovative design and packaging solution to match the increasing demand in corporate marketing strategy. Please feel free to discuss with our team on your requirements and we will be happy to offer our proposals and new concepts.

Our portfolio of customers include world-class jewellery and watch brands, giant jewellery buying groups, multi-media shopping channels and all major packaging importers and distributors in the world. We will surely be your best packaging partner in terms of Quality, Price and Service.

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